Google for work. G.Suite is new avatar from Google which combines all your work like G mail, Documents, Google Calendar, Sheet, Drive, Google Photos, YouTube, videos, blogging and many more. It is very easy to integrate your work with Hangout and Google Assistant. The Google Pixel phone which comes for booking from October 13 will […]

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For last two days Tamil nadu is strained by political news broadcasted by all news channel on the future of AIADMK. First we should notice that to lead a big political parties like AIADMK, the person should have bold and guts to face all the problems. If Ms. Jayalalitha, have not got the bold and guts, AIADMK could not have risen to this position after fighting her arch rival D.M.K and others. In the earlier days even she could not Telecast JAYA TV for more than one year and after her long fight she restored the TV. Like wise she fought for all cases against her.

Even the party leaders like Mayawathi and WestBengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee have got their own boldness. For example during last December The Delhi Police have seized crores of rupees from the brother of Mayavathi and around 600 crores of Rupees. Suddenly Mayavathi called press meet in Delhi and she openly said yes it is our party money, we have kept it for our day to day activities. Mamta Banerjee did not allow the Central Force to take cencess of vehile in calcutta.

But what is in case of O.Pannerselvam. Even the I.T people could
search in to secreatrate. Such people with calm and bold less people cannot manage a Party like AIADMK. I hope this trend of politics in Tamilnadu will surrender AIADMK to other parties like BJP or Congress.

In a lane of Delhi’s tony Khan Market neighbourhood, there is a hard-to-miss matrimonial advertisement pinned to a wall that would fit right into the pages of most Indian newspapers: “Lonely, fair, and handsome, three-year-old Golden Labrador (Ludhiana caste, settled in Delhi) seeks homely female of the same community. Must be blonde, slim, beautiful, well-behaved,…

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Economic TimesChina renames 6 places in Arunachal, takes its claim over state to whole new levelEconomic TimesBEIJING: Upping the ante, China has for the first time announced “standardised” official names for six places in Arunachal Pradesh, days after it lodged strong protests with India over the Dalai Lama’s visit to the frontier state. The state…

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If you haven’t heard of Chewy, you aren’t alone. But PetSmart, the retail giant with more than 1,500 stores across the U.S., has clearly been tracking the low-flying, five-year-old pet supplies company. According to Recode, it just agreed to purchase its young rival for a stunning $3.35 billion, just slightly more than Walmart paid for last year. This editor only… Read…

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions is making aggressive law enforcement a top priority, directing his federal prosecutors across the country to crack down on illegal immigrants and “use every tool” they have to go after violent criminals and drug traffickers. But the attorney general does not have a single U.S. attorney in place to lead his […]

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